Self Defense Training for the Thinking Citizen

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We at Acuto Training Concepts, LLC take a different approach to self defense training.  We believe the most important tool in a violent encounter is not your gun, your knife, or your pepper spray, but rather your mind.  Our approach to training focuses on building the skills of applied violence on a solid foundation of critical thinking and problem solving.

Acuto Training Concepts is named for Sir John Hawkwood, a famed English mercenary captain-general in late medieval Italy.  The Italians had two nicknames for him: Old Fox, and Acuto, which translates as "sharp" or "clever."  Both of these sobriquets recognized that his success on the battlefield came not from his skill at arms, which was certainly considerable, but no more so than that of many other warriors of the day.  Instead, what made him one of the greatest generals of his age was his ability to outthink his enemies and defeat them before the battle ever began, or even without engaging in battle at all.  That principle underlies our philosophy here at Acuto.

Our philosophy is simple: avoid conflict wherever possible, but when it is unavoidable, dominate the fight and bring it to a rapid, victorious conclusion through prior planning, superior skill, and aggressive action.  In this effort, we seek to constantly improve our understanding and skillsets in order to better serve our customers. This is why our logo is a fox: an animal known not for its strength, its size, or its speed, but for its cunning--much like Acuto himself.

Acuto Training Concepts is proud to offer Minnesota Permit to Carry courses that emphasize thoughtfulness and conflict avoidance rather than merely listing the legally required information for a Minnesota Permit to Carry.  We also offer one-on-one and small group private instruction in firearms and self defense techniques.

Acuto isn't for everyone.  But if you seek to be better, to go beyond the minimum, to be a thoughtful and resourceful armed citizen, we can help you achieve your goals.

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