About Your Instructor:

Aaron Haskins is Acuto's founder and chief firearms instructor.  He served as an Armor Officer in the US Army (2011-2016) with both cavalry scout and tank formations, as well as a tour of duty as a Combat Advisor to the Afghan National Army.  Since his honorable discharge from active duty in 2016, Aaron has made his living as a risk management consultant for a small boutique consulting firm in the Twin Cities, specializing in helping high risk industry leaders avoid negative outcomes.  He takes this same risk management approach into personal self defense, emphasizing that the goal of self defense is not to win, but to avoid losing--whether that means avoiding the fight, winning the fight, or escaping from the fight.  Thus, he strives to teach his students not only the physical skills to win in the event of a fight, but also the critical thinking and problem solving skills to manage risk and avoid potential negative outcomes in the first place, as well as to set themselves up for success when such risky situations cannot be avoided.

Aaron Haskins holds a Bachelor of Science in International History and Environmental Engineering from the United States Military Academy, a Master of Science in Advanced Economic Theory from Purdue University, and volunteers as a research coordinator for the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.  He is an occasional IDPA and USPSA competitive shooter, and holds various ranks from white to black belt in numerous martial arts from over twenty years of study and practice.  He enjoys cigars, whiskey, soccer, books, and science fiction conventions.

Aaron's Defensive Training Resume:


  • Basic Pistol Instructor (National Rifle Association), 2015
  • Intermediate/Advanced Tactical Handgun (Rogers Shooting School: Bill Rogers), 2016
  • Draw From the Holster (Stock and Barrel Gun Club), 2017
  • Personal Protection In the Home Instructor (National Rifle Association), 2017
  • Combative Pistol 1 (Rangemaster: Tom Givens), 2017


  • Combat Applications Training Course (Asymmetric Warfare Group), 2008
  • Close Quarters Carbine (Rogers Shooting School: Bill Rogers), 2016

Entangled Fighting, Combatives, and Martial Arts:

  • Modern Army Combatives Program Level 1 (US Army), 2011
  • Knife Fighting 1 and 2 (Force Necessary: Hock Hochheim), 2016
  • Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (Shivworks: Craig Douglas), 2017
  • Practical Small Knife (MDTS: Chris Fry), 2017
  • Dominating the Entangled Fight (Shivworks: Paul Sharp, Cecil Burch, and Larry Lindenmann), 2018
  • Choong Sil Tae Kwon Do (1st Degree Black Belt)
  • Shotokan Karate (1st Degree Black Belt)
  • Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu (6th Chamber)
  • Hung Gar Kung Fu (7th Chamber)
  • Krav Maga (Level 3)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (White Belt, <1 year)
  • Freestyle Wrestling (Competitive, 2 years)

Trauma/First Aid:

  • Combat Life Saver (US Army), 2012
  • Immediate Casualty Care 2 (EighteenZulu: Mike McElmeel), 2017
  • Emergency Trauma Care (QSI: Erik Pakieser), 2018

Conflict Avoidance/Verbal Judo:

  • Landing the Plane (Resilience Development: Mike Anderson and Robin Godolphin), 2017