Training Courses


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Minnesota Permit-to-Carry

Acuto is proud to offer Minnesota Permit-to-Carry training that meets all state requirements for new or renewed permit applications.  Our courses focus on critical thinking, decision making, and judicious use of force.  Beyond the mere mechanics and legal considerations of carrying and using a pistol, learn how to frame self defense problems according to risk management principles to set yourself up for success.  See "Upcoming Courses" to find out when this course is being offered in the near future.


Personal Risk Management 

In this course, Acuto's founder Aaron Haskins teaches students how to apply basic risk management concepts and principles from his professional experience to personal safety and self defense.  Learn how to think about problems and develop plans and solutions that make sense to set yourself up for success, from avoiding trouble, to escaping from trouble, to ensuring you're victorious if trouble ever finds you.  See "Upcoming Courses" to find out when/if this course is being offered in the near future.


Private Firearms Lessons

Acuto offers private one-on-one or small group (2-3 students) lessons by the hour to help shooters of all experience levels improve their defensive shooting skillsets.  Students can choose to focus on technical shooting fundamentals, on weapons manipulation and handling (such as drawing from concealment, dealing with malfunctions, etc), on tactical decision making, and more.  This personal, customizable lesson will help you improve your skillsets and enable you to win any fight you cannot avoid.